Urutu is an oracle made from the instinctive selection of poetic fragments of Brazilian works of literature, poetry, music and visual arts. The choice of these productions symbolizes different periods and regions of the country in textual expressions that have become almost cultural heritages in Brazil.

Composed of 38 cards/paintings, Urutu works without the traditional archetypes, but with a blank canvas of possibilities. Like the snake that "bites the boats" – as the origin of its name in Tupi-Guarani says – each card offers the opportunity to dive into a universe of feelings and emotions and return with answers to deeper questions brought by our inner poetry.

S É R I E S 

os mortos nao estao mortos_low .jpg

Trabalhos recentes

la larga noche site.jpg

La larga noche de 500 años



Marcela Cantuária - O místico clã das sereias (CROP) - 2109 - foto Vicente de Mello.VDM_14

Oráculo Urutu

transito amaguana y dolores Filhas do vu

Mátria Livre

Marcela Cantuária - Check out.jpg

Quero te dar o corpo total do dia

comissao da verdade 1.jpg

Futuro do Pretérito

Castelos no ar 26 (amor).jpg

Castelos no Ar